Getting Started

That Took Some Guts!

But before you take the leap …

We’re confident your leap of faith won’t be disappointing. Like we’ve said, Church Turnaround isn’t for the faint at heart. And you shouldn’t even consider it until you’ve read our white paper “Church-Turnaround Considerations.”

But before you jump into the white paper:

  • Keep an open mind – be ready to be stretched
  • Keep asking yourself – “Do I really have what it takes?”
  • Don’t get in a hurry to make any changes in your church

We’re committed to resourcing and encouraging church turnarounds.

  • We’ve both done church turnarounds: we know what you’re facing
  • We’ve walked with over a thousand pastors in the turnaround journey
  • We’ve devoted our lives to creating resources, providing coaching, and consulting with churches committed to becoming effective, faithful, and sustainable.

We’re not going to hold back. We believe every church has the potential to turnaround and we’re committed to help you be successful.

We’re going to send you resource emails over the next couple of days. Carefully digest what we’re sending so you have all the information you need to make a good decision about what’s next for you and for your church. Then, if you decide to go forward, we’re going to walk you through the turnaround step-by-step. Remember, you’re not in this alone!

So ... Here's the White Paper

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The High Cost of Turnaround